#235 Делюзия на видовете

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Фармацевтичният ни брой. Приема се веднъж дневно или на няколко пъти в рамките на седмица. Прокарва се с банани и Ал. Дюма.



Mode Moderne – She, Untamed

Mode Moderne – Unburden Yourself
Broken Bells – Leave It Alone

Broken Bells – Holding On For Life
Bibio – Dye The Water Green

Bibio – Down To The Sound
Grizlly Bear – Will Calls (Baths Remix)

S. Carey – Fire-scene
Beck – Blue Moon

Elbow – Fly Boy Blue Lunette
Quilt – Talking Trains

Quilt – Tie Up the Tides
Owlle – Fog

Owlle – Creed
White Hinterland – Ring The Bell
Illum Sphere – The Road feat. Shadowbox

Illum Sphere – Liquesce
Illum Sphere – Love Theme from Foreverness feat. Shadowbox 
Asgeir – King And Cross

Asgeir – Going Home
Supreme Cuts – ISIS feat. Haleek Maul and Bago

Supreme Cuts – Envision feat. Channy of Polica


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    Всеки четвъртък. Вече на HD

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