#136 и т.н.

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Дата: MAR 01, 2012
Описание: и т.н.

Мартениците в тавата:

Percussion Gun – White Rabbits
Heavy Metal – White Rabbits
Polaroyced – Mouse on Mars
Chordblocker, Cinnamon Toasted – Mouse on Mars
The Machine in Your Hand – The Magnetic Fields
The Horrible Party – The Magnetic Fields
Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields
Contradiction – Soviet Soviet
Human Nature – Soviet Soviet
Hyper Worm Tamer (UNKLE Remix) – Grinderman
Bellringer Blues (Nick Zinner Remix) – Grinderman
If Not I’ll Die – Lambchop
Gar – Lambchop
A New Town – Field Music
Choosing Sides – Field Music
Stay Awake – Julia Nunes
To The Damsels Run – Julia Nunes
Comatose – Julia Nunes
Horse (Acoustic Demo) – Saint Saviour
Even Time Won’t Tell – High On Stress
Crazy – The Kills
Pale Blue Eyes – The Kills
Grand Hotel – The Explorers Club
Run Run Run – The Explorers Club
Bandits & Smugglers – The New Law
Dead Men Tell No Tales – The New Law

#130 Черна СОПА for everyone

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Дата: JAN 19, 2012

Описание:Черна СОПА for everyone

Мъничко черничко що е то:

Unknown – The Maccabees
Feel To Follow – The Maccabees
Laying Traps – Crippled Black Phoenix
Born In A Hurricane – Crippled Black Phoenix
We Were Children – Tribes
When My Day Comes – Tribes
America – Howler
Gold Rush Pt. I – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Dollars in the Night – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Gold Rush Pt. 2 – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Out of Frequency – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Ghost In My Head – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Free (Parisien Mix) – Owlle
Angelina – Nameless
Cake – Keepaway
Hologram – Keepaway
Hang it Up – The Ting Tings
Tenderly – Disclosure
Flow – Disclosure
Rising Below – Dirty Three
Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields
Bedroom Jam – KiNK
Milky Way feat. Rachel Row – KiNK
Beyond the Knowing – Buckethead

"Мракът на невежеството е толкова гъст, че като затворя очи става по-светло" Иван Методиев. "Титанът" в преден план на снимката е Юлий Москов, главен редактор на в-к "7 дни спорт". Да сме казали някъде, че е грозен, дърт и дебелогъз? Не сме.

Снимката взехме от други “титани”

#118 БРеЗИЛ

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Дата: OCT 27, 2011

Описание: БРеЗИЛ


Brazil – Geoff Muldaur
Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
I Don’t Want to Get Over You – The Magnetic Fields
Michigan Left – Arkells
Whistleblower – Arkells
Zero or a Zillion (feat. Aesop Rock) – Kimya Dawson
Absolutely Cuckoo – The Magnetic Fields
Cradle (Fang Island Remix) – The Joy Formidable
Come Closer – Miles Kane
Kaka Boom – Miles Kane
Reno Dakota – The Magnetic Fields
Meaningless – The Magnetic Fields
Chase The Devil – Cocoon
Hey Ya – Cocoon
To Be Alone With You – Cocoon
Underwear – The Magnetic Fields
All I Find – The Touch
Pop Girl – AK Kids & 1000names
Come Back from San Francisco – The Magnetic Fields
Boa Constrictor – The Magnetic Fields
Mother – The Golden Filter
For Your Broken Life – The Golden Filter
Shady Lane – Astrid Swan
Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long – The Magnetic Fields
So Lonely – Dbridge
Gabriel (Ossie Remix) – Joe Goddard
Sweet-Lovin’ Man – The Magnetic Fields
The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be – The Magnetic Fields
Real Slow – Ebba Forsberg
The Book of Love – The Magnetic Fields


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