# 189 Куп олигарси

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Дата: MAR 14, 2013

Описание: Куп олигарси

В орбита около Платон са:

Cut Me Some Slack – Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic & Pat
A Trick With No Sleeve – Alain Johannes, Dave Grohl & Joshua Homme
Mantra – Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme & Trent Reznor
Every Body – Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
City – Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
Lip – Chelsea Light Moving           
Sleeping Where I Fall – Chelsea Light Moving
Catacomb – Stereophonics
Take Me – Stereophonics
Bleeding Heart – Jimi Hendrix
Hear My Train A Comin' – Jimi Hendrix   
The Dark Age – Widowspeak
Perennials – Widowspeak            
Wheel of Fortune – The Virgins
Flashback, Memories, and Dreams – The Virgins
Moonlit – Darwin Deez
You Can't Be My Girl – Darwin Deez
Casual Success – PVT
Homosapien – PVT
Suburbia – Kavinsky
Blizzard – Kavinsky
Modern European – Nightworks
Armajaro – Nightworks
Backslider – Wild Belle
June – Wild Belle

#172 Имаме план

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Дата: NOV 15, 2012
Описание: Имаме план
В цъфналата био ръж:

Non-State Actor – Soundgarden
Attrition – Soundgarden
Taree – Soundgarden
Black Saturday – Soundgarden
The Devil (in G-minor) – Jess and The Ancient One
Shadow Looms Large – The Datsuns
Colour Of The Moon – The Datsuns
They Say – The Soft Pack
Ray’s Mistake – The Soft Pack
Optimist High – Chris Cohen
Caller No. 99 – Chris Cohen
You’re Not The One and Only Lonely One – Jason Collet
Love Is A Dirty Word – Jason Collet
Machines – The Soft Moon
Affection – Crystal Castles
Sad Eyes – Crystal Castles
Mercenary – Crystal Castles
What Happened To You – Deftones
Keep You – Wild Belle
Oracion Caribe – Natalia Lafourcade & Jorge Drexler
La Fugitiva – Natalia Lafourcade & Kevin Johansen
Babylon On Fire (feat. NEK) – Cayetano
Take Your Gun (feat. Stefanatty) – Cayetano
Night Without Stars (feat. Georges Perin) – Cayetano
Tidal Wave feat. Alpines (Flosstradamus remix) – Sub Focus
The Gods Of Science feat. Vernon Reid & Bhi Bhiman – The Coup
Violet – The Coup
Rope Mirage – Lulu James
Be Safe – Lulu James


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